Available April 2018!

"A sly and irreverent yarn ... deMeulles emerges as a sharp-witted novelist."

Ayesha Barmania, Documentary maker and radio producer

"A family history in all its glory, agony and love...it drips with atmosphere." 

 Martin Knight, Best-selling author of Battersea Girl and Common People


It seemed as if Quinn wanted to make a shambles of his life. He threw away opportunities, let down his friends and got tangled up with the wrong woman. And when things got unbearably bad, he ran away from town and blamed the whole shemozzle on Destiny. Eleven years later he returned with a promise to make a fresh start, but in no time flat he was mired in the deepest mess he'd even been in--two missing girls, a blown-up memorial, and Detective Marchand determined to pin the works on him.


Ramasseur .
"A brilliant novel...This is magic realism at its best."
Veronica Ross, author of Hanna B. and the Carolyn Archer mysteries

A magically-realistic novel in the form of a story-sequence, Ramasseur is a series of exquisitely crafted, highly readable tales that conspires to draw readers into the puzzle of memory and identity. While these gripping little tales of beasts, prophets and saints are set in a remote mining town, deMeulles' sense of place draws to mind David Adams Richards's Miramichi  and Joyce's Dublin.  . .


Hickey's Dead 
"Thrilling, mysterious and haunting."
Pam Bustin, author of the award-willing Mostly Happy


"Richly-drawn characters, intricacies of plot, deft pacing ... a brilliant wordsmith." 

Sean Costello, best-selling author of Sandman, Captain Quad and others       


One hot June day a homeless girl blows into Cormorant Bay looking for the truth about her dead mother. Her probing not only causes grief for everyone around her, it also gets her in trouble with the law. As she follows the thread that leads her deeper into the hidden past, she finds herself immersed in stories of betrayal, abduction, murder and, finally, to the awful truth about her mother. 

Voices From Behind The Walls 
"Rough and real, tough and raw, clear-eyed and surprisingly tender."
Joe Florito, award-winning columnist with The Toronto Star

A unique collection of poems, stories and essays written by nine young men in custody.This writing is raw and unpolished, filled alternately with anger, despair, longing and deep sadness, but also with release and hope.  






Available September 2018!

The Piano Girl  

"...interprets the emotions of childhood and expresses the magic of it."

Dr. Michel Lariviere

A beautifully hand-crafted piano is at the center of this illustrated story about two two eleven-year-old misfits. The piano draws the two girls into the mystery of its secret song, and they quickly become close friends--even though they were born 200 years apart.




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